#BlueTechForum2019 – Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems | 5th & 6th June 2019 | Kew Gardens, London, UK


Water 4.0: lessons in innovation from history

Water 4.0: lessons in innovation from history
Urban water and sewerage systems have evolved over millennia and learnings from the past have much to teach about the next wave of innovation. Professor David Sedlak from University of California Berkeley shares his thoughts with Paul O’Callaghan, chief executive of... Read More

Biomimicry – sourcing water technology answers in nature

Biomimicry – sourcing water technology answers in nature
The natural world has always provided inspiration for creative minds, but biomimicry in water technology engineering and design is delivering real-world benefits. Architect Michael Pawlyn shares his explorations with BlueTech Research chief executive Paul O’Callaghan.... Read More

UK utilities are going global to deliver PR19 goals

UK utilities are going global to deliver PR19 goals
Brexit presents a challenge and an opportunity for UK utilities. Paul O’Callaghan reports back from this summer’s BlueTech Forum in Vancouver about the changing shape of innovation. This article recently appeared in the September 2018 edition of The Environment... Read More

Building a water investment portfolio

David Henderson of XPV Water Partners discusses what his company looks for when building its investment portfolio and shares his thoughts on the future of IoT in water. Also discussed: business model versus technology — which is more important? For Questions or... Read More

Decentralization: When does it make sense?

Newterra’s Robert Kennedy puts the concept of decentralization into context, highlighting its historical journey and offering insight into when going ‘off grid’ makes sense. Also discussed: technologies and systems to support decentralization. For Questions or... Read More

Paradigm shift: From value chain to value cycle

SUEZ’s Emrah Ercan explains the need to change our approach to water management from a linear cycle to a circular one, and how a digital transformation will enable that change to occur. For Questions or Enquiries:Sarah Condon, Executive Co-ordinatorEurope: +353... Read More

Walmart’s Approach to Water Compliance and Stewardship

Toni McCrory is EHS compliance manager for Walmart. She discusses her approach to managing water, wastewater and stormwater compliance for more than 5,000 stores nationwide. Also discussed: What does water stewardship mean to Walmart? For Questions or Enquiries:Sarah... Read More

Decentralization in the water, wastewater sector

Menno Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Industries, discusses the concept of decentralization and its role as a treatment/supply strategy in the water sector. Also discussed: Is corporate social responsibility just ‘window dressing’? For Questions or Enquiries:Sarah Condon,... Read More

2018 BlueTech Forum Highlight Reel

View the 2018 BlueTech Forum highlights video here. BlueTech Forum 2018 was held in the Vancouver Convention Centre, BC. BlueTech Forum 2019 will take place in Kew Gardens, London | UK, on the 5th & 6th June. For Questions or Enquiries:Sarah Condon, Executive... Read More