Chemicals are vital parts of water treatment industry, encompassing, biocides, disinfectants, polymers, anti-sealants, coagulants. Chemicals are also key raw materials inputs into technologies such as polymeric membranes. The sale of chemicals is part of on-going operational costs and this recurring revenue makes up a significant part of the water value chain.

At the same time there is a drive to create chemical free technologies or focus on technologies that enable on-site chemical generation.

The Chairperson will open the discussion by mapping out the landscape and horizon of where BlueTech sees the next wave of opportunities are for the use of chemicals in water, including up-cycling of waste materials as raw materials into other sectors, resource recovery and recycling of alum, salts, optimised chemical dosage through sensors and AI.

The Chairperson will also outline where there opportunities appear to be for chemical free-water technologies and on-site oxidant generation such as hydrogen peroxide, chlorine based oxidants and caustics. The opportunities for chemical free solutions, such as chemical free water softening, electro-coagulation will be outlined.

Invited industry expert speakers will be on-hand to contribute different view points to the discussion