OxyMem solves OPEX intensive wastewater treatment with an innovative ‘Drop in’ solution for wastewater treatment, the Membrane Aerated Biofilm Reactor (MABR). OxyMem MABR can compliment existing treatment systems and deliver up to 50% additional biological capacity into an existing aeration basin or replace a legacy aeration systems entirely.

Conventional wastewater treatment consumes 2-3% of a nations electricity production. This is due a 100 years reliance on bubble diffusion for conventional treatment plants which will typically suffer energy losses of 65-70% in the process because of the oxygen transfer limitations in the process. OxyMem does not have any such limitations as the MABR exploits hollow fibre gas permeable membranes to support a fixed film ecosystem for the biology which allows for direct delivery of oxygen to the micro-organisms.

OxyMem offers:
Energy saving (75% Less than CAS)
Low Sludge (50% Less than CAS)
Footprint savings (Up to 80%)
10 Year Membrane warranty
Process / Performance Guarantees

See our 2 minute explainer video for more information

Wayne Byrne, Managing Director, Oxymem talks to Divya Inna, BlueTech Research on their MABR biofilm reactor technology