NVP Energy (NVPE) has developed an innovative wastewater (WW) treatment process that addresses the mandatory treatment of low strength, low temperature WW at a fraction of the cost of other WW treatment technologies. While alternative WW treatment technologies require a large footprint, have high energy costs and offer no payback to the customer, NVPE’s solution has a modular compact plant footprint, offers dramatically reduced operating costs (up to 60%) and generates sufficient energy as a by-product to generate revenue, thereby offering a payback on capital spend averaging 3 years.

NVPE’s primary focus is on the Food & Drink industry followed by the Municipal WW industry. They commissioned their first full-scale reactor at a meat processing site (ABP Food Group), a second project is about to be commissioned at Arrabawn Co-op (dairy industry), and they expect their third & fourth reactor sales to be secured during 2017 with a UK Brewing/Malting company and a UK Municipal WW company respectively.

NVPE was founded in 2011, and during 2013 secured an exclusive worldwide license to the technology from the National University of Ireland, Galway, (NUIG) for the lifetime of the patent, with the founder team collaborating with NUIG since 2009 on the technology. The Company is first to market with a LT-AD technology and believes it has a very substantial development lead over potential competing technologies.

The Company is now seeking €6 million in a growth capital investment round to scale its sales and operations across a growing pipeline of prospects in the meat processing, dairy, brewing, malting & bottling industries and to expand to municipal wastewater applications.