Microbial Monitoring

LuminUltra is changing the way people think about microorganisms in water. For many, this starts with making them aware of the fact that without exception, microorganisms exist in water of all kinds from the ultra-clean to the supremely dirty. For others, it means changing their beliefs from only certain microorganisms being problematic to thinking about microbiological communities as the cause of what ails them, from public health threats to microbiologically influenced corrosion. For other still – the relatively select few – our messages resonate resoundingly as an approach that makes complete sense.
That message is simple: if you do not measure it, you cannot control it. This may be an old adage, sure, but it is one that has rarely if ever been applied within the sphere of water microbiology. But measurement is just the beginning. Because awareness levels are low, most do not understand what needs to be done when contamination is revealed, what are good levels or bad levels, and how to validate when repairs or fixes have been successful.

Therefore, LuminUltra’s mission is one of thought leadership in answering: Am I in Control of Microorganisms? At our core, we are educators, teaching as many people as possible about the risks microorganisms present and what can be done about them. Carrying out this task in perpetuity will elevate awareness, which will in turn lead people to seek solutions – and our solutions can be their first line of defense. We will also strive to connect people with secondary solutions from partner companies that help them to gain more information, fix problems, and stay on top of microbiological control.

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