Advanced Biological Water Treatment Technology

BlueTech is very pleased to announce that Australian company Biogill will present an Innovation Case study at BlueTech Forum 2017.

Biogill is an Australian company with a modular wastewater treatment system that is applicable across a very wide range of applications.

An aspect that particularly impressed us about Biogill is the breadth and scope of the applications as well as the geographical diversity of the reference plants.

The company was founded in 2009 and over the past eight years has moved rapidly to deploy this technology in a range of industrial wastewater treatment application areas and has managed to establish a footprint not just in South East Asia, Australia and North America. BioGill has reference plants in Aquaculture projects in South East Asia, wineries (Cave Springs Cellars) and cheese plants in Canada, as well as in confectionary, dairy and meat processing. Some of the unique selling points of the technology are its modularity and low energy usage. It uses a ceramic membrane as a ‘gill’, hence the name BioGill, which allows air to diffuse across the membrane to bacterial which are present as an attached growth biofilm on the other side and in contact with the wastewater being treated.

They are partnering with a number of international companies to further expand their footprint in the United States. We believe Biogill is a company with a strong value proposition and a very capable management team that has executed very well over the past number of years. The company has taken in venture capital and growth equity from a number of investors including SoftBank China Capital and Southern Cross Venture Partners.

The case studies they will present at BlueTech Forum will describe particular industrial applications and the benefits of the technology. This ties in with the theme of BlueTech Forum this year, which is focusing on solving corporate water risk through water innovation and using less energy to link to the theme of circular economy.

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