The “Threat of New Entrants” is one of Michael Porter’s five forces that shape competitive industries. Despite some missteps by big companies entering the water products and solutions game, we continue to see more big players unable to resist the promise of profits to be had in water and wastewater over the long haul.

The strategy adopted by some of these new entrants appears to focus on particular areas where they have a clearly defined ‘right to play’ based on their core capabilities and expertise. Will this approach be more successful than the large conglomerate water technology company model that aims to provide multiple non-related offerings under one roof? At a corporate level, what makes the water sector an attractive opportunity for growth? What niches will these companies look at to build high margin, profitable and differentiated businesses?

This panel will hear from a diverse group of new entrants and will explore how they are likely to change the competitive landscape.


Moderator: Steve Kloos, Partner, True North Venture Partners