Oftentimes the Oil and Gas industry is seen as a water industry issue which produces oil as a byproduct. An enormous amount of water is required to produce oil with up to approximately ten barrels of water required to produce one barrel of oil.

The Oil and Gas industry has always had significant water and wastewater management needs that have not changed with the advent of unconventional fossil fuels such as shale gas, oil sands, and coal bed methane. These unconventional fossil fuels have already had a significant impact on the economic viability of renewable energy sources and are projected to play a huge part in the future of energy in the upcoming decades. For example, a 200% increase in oil production is expected in the Alberta oil sands from 2010 to 2020. However, the water demand for the Oil and Gas industry is set to grow even while local supplies of water in different areas are being depleted.  With the anticipated growing demand for these alternative fossil fuels, more efficient treatment technologies are required to bridge the water supply gap.

This BlueTech Showcase will look at some of the recent innovative technologies being implemented in the Oil and Gas industry to address the growing need for efficient water management. Technologies discussed relate to water disinfection, metal removal and recovery, and electro-separation desalination.


Moderator: Tyler Algeo, Senior Research Analyst, BlueTech Research