#BlueTechForum2019 – Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems | 5th & 6th June 2019 | Kew Gardens, London, UK

Jörg Vogel is Project Manager in the Development department of Aquaporin A/S.  With his background of Microtechnology/Mechatronics he joined Aquaporin in 2007 to develop a support structure for biomimetic water filters. Within his work in Aquaporin he advanced the development of the Aquaporin Inside Technology. He was involved in every step of the integration of aquaporin proteins into membranes and their characterisation. Today Jörg is the main responsible for all testing and characterisation of Aquaporin’s membranes as well as test-setups. He will also be involved in further production line design and assembly as well as running the first pilot scale production of Aquaporin Inside membranes.

Jörg was involved in writing several articles in peer-reviewed journals. He holds a PhD. from the Technical University of Denmark and a Dipl.-Ing. degree in Microtechnology/Mechatronics from the Technical University Chemnitz.


Agenda Item: BlueTech Showcase: Desalination Driving Down Energy Costs and Ready to go Mainstream