#BlueTechForum2019 – Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems | 5th & 6th June 2019 | Kew Gardens, London, UK






Arbsource uses biotechnology to transform wastewater treatment from a costly energy liability into a valuable resource for the food and beverage industry. Breweries, dairies, and other food or beverage processors worldwide spend millions of dollars per facility annually to operate and maintain energy-hungry wastewater treatment infrastructure. With our patent-pending Arbcell bioreactors, we cut treatment costs up to 50% while at least matching the speed and effluent quality of competitors. Hydrogen gas at 99% purity is generated as a value added byproduct as well.

This system uses naturally-occurring Anode Respiring Bacteria, or A-R-B, in conjunction with state-of-the-art bioreactor design concepts and process control innovations. Our systems are assembled with low-cost materials, enabling a two year payback for typical customers. Arbsource owns the exclusive license for this technology from Arizona State University and are building off of extensive bench-scale work conducted in their labs over the past several years. We are bringing our proof-of-concept pilot online in summer 2012 at an Arizona brewery.

Join us at: www.arbsource.us