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ABR Process Development was founded in 2004 to develop, add-value and commercialise improvements in industrial processes. ABR successfully developed and patented a technology for the production of several value added food acid chemicals and alcohols. Subsequent to this development ABR has focussed on acid recovery and metal removal from aqueous process streams.

One of our patented technologies enables a major process shift in Nickel hydrometallurgy, licensing of this technology to an Australian mine is in progress.

This technology is also being adapted to effluent treatment for Coal Seam methane processing offering >90% recovery of Caustic Soda and Hydrochloric acid, and effluent volume reduction of 90%, at a very attractive NPV.

Another patented technology covers a novel biomass based sorbent that has excellent cation removal properties to low ppb levels, while maintaining a neutral pH. We are currently adapting this to the removal of oxyanions such as Arsenic and Selenium.

ABR Process Development also undertakes contract work primarily in the arena of chemical process development and IP transfer with a range of applications such as hydrometallurgy testing for mine site development and waste treatment application testing for contaminated site remediation.

ABR offers extensive laboratory and pilot testing facilities underpinned by established and developing relationships with key players in the global industry.


Join us at:  www.australianbiorefining.com.au