This series of presentations from some of the most successful water entrepreneurs of recent times will provide insights into the journey that the companies took, the lessons learned along the way and the importance of persevering through adversity to succeed.In the area of Intellectual Property Management, it is possible to spend a small fortune and secure little in terms of a sustainable business advantage, or spend relatively little and secure a strong IP position which will limit competition and defend a technology position in the market.

Investors often insist that companies have a strong IP position, as a pre-requisite for investing, but what are the key elements that make for a strong IP position?

From a technology licensing perspective, and for a water tech-start up, the Patent is often a key element of success, though maybe less important for larger water companies which can rely on channels to market and brand recognition to secure their place in the market.

This panel will open up with a high level overview of who is filing, where and in what areas. We will also discuss how important IP is to protecting first mover advantage and as a foundation for a company to secure investment.


Barry Grossman, Of Counsel, Foley Lardner



John McArdle, Water Technology Business Development, Batelle Institute

Rafael Simon Venture Partner, VantagePoint Venture Partners

Joseph Zuback, President &Founder, Global Water Advisors