#BlueTechForum2019 – Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems | 5th & 6th June 2019 | Kew Gardens, London, UK

Zouhayr Arbib has a PhD degree in environmental engineering from the University of Cádiz (Spain) and an industrial engineer degree from the Polytechnic University of Cádiz (Spain). He also has several master degrees in Integrated water management, oil and gas refine and occupational risk prevention.
Since 2008 he has been involved in several national and international projects related to the treatment of wastewater with microalgae, with the main objective of treating the wastewater and generating at the same time valuable algal biomass. He holds one patent in this field: New procedure for the elimination of nutrients from wastewaters by photobiotreatment with microalgae (13 ES 276D 3RYM). He is also the author of a numerous number of publications in international indexed journals and he has also participated in several national and international conferences.
Since November 2012 he joined Aqualia as research member in the different project that Aqualia is running in the field of the microalgae and wastewater process: LIFE Biosol, FP7 All.gas, H2020 Incover, H2020 Sabana, Cenit Vida, Downstream, Expoval and SWAT. He is in charge mainly of the harvesting processes, but he participates deeply in the construction and commissioning of different plants.