Agenda BlueTech Forum 2018.

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Day 1 - Wednesday, 6th June 2018

16.00: Experience Vancouver - Forbidden Walking Tour

Whether it's your first visit to Vancouver or the 10th, this unconventional walking tour will reveal a different side of the city. Don't worry, you will still visit the well-known landmarks like the Dominion Building or the Sun Tower, as well as most historic neighborhoods of Victory Square, Chinatown, and Gastown, but the stories told will be much different. By following your guide down moonlit alleyways and cobblestone streets, you will discover a forbidden world of opium dens, secret bawdy houses, and unsolved murders and hear little-known tales of mobsters, bootlegging, and corruption.

Experience Vancouver like never before, all the while bonding with your peers in the most exciting and casual atmosphere!

18.30: Welcome Reception - Taste of Vancouver (networking opportunity)

Join us at the stunning Five Sails Restaurant, for a combination of breathtaking views of Vancouver, award-winning West Coast cuisine and gracious hospitality.

Feast on the best of local cuisine, including slow poached wild Sockeye salmon, exquisite Kusshi oysters, Chef's Star Lamb, and a wide selection of BC artisan cheeses to satisfy the most discerning guests. Enjoy a glass of local craft beer or acclaimed BC's Okanagan wine with a guidance from our knowledgeable sommelier and get to know your fellow delegates in this unique setting.

Day 2 - Thursday, 7th June 2018

All Day: 1-1 Networking Meetings

Our internal 1-1 Meetings app will allow you to view delegate profiles and pre-arrange private meetings so you can allocate precious time to connect with the most valuable contacts.

A dedicated meeting space will provide a perfect business-focused environment for you to forge new business relationships.

07.30: Networking Breakfast
Connect with your peers over a networking breakfast, with BlueTech's team ready to assist and make introductions.
08.30: Conference Welcome
08.35: Opening Keynote - Water Technology Markets and Opportunities in a Circular Economy

Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research

Paul will provide an introduction to the theme of this year's Forum: Managing Water Risks in a Circular Economy, before presenting highlights from recent research reports on fast-growth niche markets, rapidly evolving technology areas, and emerging crises and market drivers.

08.50: Thought Leadership Roundtables
Opened and presented by Menno Holterman, CEO, Nijhuis Industries


1. Digital Water & Data as an Enabler of the Circular Economy.

Moderator: Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, SUEZ's Water Technologies & Solutions

Conversation starter: Chris Peacock, BlueTech Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member and Ed Quilty, CEO, Aquatic Informatics.

Explore how digital technology is moving water management to the next level, achieving a circular economy in water. “When you start to think more holistically about the water cycle, you enter a whole different way of thinking about this natural resource and treatment operation, whether it be water reuse or resource recovery. Digital technologies are key enablers for operating in the circular economy.”

2. “In the Blue” – How Can You Implement Circular Solutions Across Operations?

Moderator: Emilio Tenuta, VP of Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab.

Conversation starter: Will Sarni, CEO, Water Foundry & Art Umble, Wastewater Practice Leader, MWH / Stantec.

Emilio Tenuta will reveal the key findings of the recent GreenBiz/Ecolab survey and will outline what industry leaders had to say about the state of water management today. Emilio will prompt the discussion on why there isn't more traction at the local level for water-related corporate targets, will walk you through the ways to improve the practices and get your company to that target state of "In the Blue".

3. Future of Chemistries and Chemicals in a Circular Economy.

Moderator: Erin Partlan, Senior Research Analyst, BlueTech Research.

Conversation starter: Melinda Burn, Vice President, Global Strategic Marketing & Innovation, Industrial Water Technologies, Solenis

Where are the opportunities for the use of chemicals in water (including up-cycling of waste materials as raw materials into other sectors, resource recovery and recycling of alum, salts, optimised chemical dosage through sensors and AI), chemical free-water technologies and on-site oxidant generation (hydrogen peroxide, chlorine-based oxidants and caustics), and chemical-free solutions (chemical free water softening, electro-coagulation)?

4. Transforming Waste Into Value.

Moderator: Glen T. Daigger, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starter: Scott Christian, Regional Director of North America, Nijhuis.

Instead of trying to dispose of it, is there a way to transform waste into value in a cost effective manner? What are the industry's advances and opportunities in the recovery of water, energy, fats/oils/grease, bio plastics, fertilizer products, bio fuels, biosolids, and valuable inorganics?

5. ZLD: Holy Grail, Fool's Errand or Last Resort?

Moderator: Dr. Michael Mickley, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starters: Venkee Sharma, President & CEO, Aquatech, Brian Powers, Associate Director, Market Development, Dow Chemical.

What prompts companies to opt-in for ZLD? When is it an absolute necessity and when a waste of money and time? And do some companies really have a choice?

6. The Decentralised Water Re-Use as an Enabler for the Circular Economy

Moderator: James W. Hotchkies, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starter: Robert Kennedy, Chief Technology Officer, Newterra, Ronen Shechter, Chief Technology Officer, Fluence, Joshua Haacker, Chief Investment Officer, AquaTecture.

When does going ‘off-grid’ make sense? What technologies will support decentralized water re-use and what service models are these companies offering to differentiate themselves?

7. Tracing the Limits of Micropollutant Removal – the Use of Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOP).

Moderator: Steve Gluck, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starters: Suez and Trojan experts.

While Europe is ahead of the game in terms of regulations, where do other countries and regions stand? Is this a technology market that is growing and who are the key players among the different applications and AOP technologies?

8. Next-Gen Membranes as an Enabler for Industrial Water Re-use

Moderator: Graeme Pearce, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starter: C Ravi, CTO, Aquatech

Emerging membrane technologies are at the heart of the circular economy, resulting in safer water and wastewater treatment processes, while they are less expensive and less energy intensive. So what's the catch?

9. Impact of Regulations and Policy on Driving Water Technology Adoption

Moderators: Sally C. Gutierrez, Water Regulatory and Policy Specialist, Cincinnati, John Veil, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starter: Barry Liner, CTO and Director of Water Science & Engineering Center, WEF.

Regulations and enforcement of regulations or lack of enforcement are the key factors that drive and influence the adoption of water technologies.This discussion will focus on important upcoming policy and legislative drivers and discuss time-frames for impact.

10. It's All About the Business Model

Moderator: Jeff Guild, VP, Business Development and Professional Services, BlueTech Research.

Conversation starter: Menno Holterman, CEO, Nijhuis Industries & Therese Jordan, Director of New Business Development, Asahi Kasei America

11. Key Drivers for Innovation & Market Growth

Moderator: Paul O'Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research.

Conversation starter: Jeff Moeller, Director of Water Technologies, The Water Research Foundation.

12. Climate Change Needs and Opportunities.

Moderator: Rhys Owen, Senior Research Editor, BlueTech Research.

Conversation starter: Joshua Haacker, Chief Investment Officer, AquaTECTURE & Tom Brarr, CEO, Climate Optimize

13. Emerging Trends in Point-of-Use (POU) and Point-of-Entry (POE) Systems.

Wade Miller, BlueTech's Technology Assessment Group (TAG) member.

Conversation starter: TBA

How does the industry address the concerns in tap quality and pipe contamination, the absence of regulation for POU water treatment, issues of validation, and what are the ways to educate and empower the consumers?

10.10: Networking Coffee Break
10.40: Keynote Address - Jens Kolind, VP, Technical Industries, Novozymes A/S

Biotechnology has already transformed a number of industries and has provided a huge impact in terms of environmental benefits. Jens Kolind from Novozymes believes the water industry is perfectly placed for a “paradigm shift” due to the advantage of having the research behind these advances.

11.00: Innovation Showcase Technology Company Roundtables

12 Innovation Showcase companies will have 1 minute to pitch their technology and convince you they are the new breakthrough.

Practical case studies will introduce delegates to the technology concept, its value proposition, the problem it solves, the influencers on the choice of technology, the experience gained during implementation, and the impact on the future rollout.

To-date showcase companies include:


Each presentation will be tested by our Investor Panel and expert Technology Assessment Group that aren't afraid of asking difficult questions and expect clear and concrete answers.

The Investor Panel includes:

Investor Panel BlueTech Forum

12.30: Fireside Chat with Per Lillebø, CEO, Cambi

This fireside chat with Cambi CEO Per Lillebø will explore the Cambi journey to becoming the global leading provider of thermal hydrolysis, advanced anaerobic digestion and biogas solutions for sewage sludge and organic waste management, and the lessons they learned along the way.

Per will share his views on Cambi's vision of global transition to sustainable, smart and safe cities and answer questions from the audience.

12.50: Networking Lunch
13.45: Keynote: Hans-Ulrich Buchholz, Environmental Compliance, Corporate QEHS Group, L’Oréal
During this keynote, Hans-Ulrich will share his insights on the journey from linear to circular in cosmetics and manufacturing and the story behind the first L’Oreal waterless factory in Spain.
14.00: Plenary Panel - Is Your Company's Water Strategy ||Untapped||?

Moderator: Will Sarni, CEO, Water Foundry.

Panelists will include: Emilio Tenuta, VP of Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab, Venkee Sharma, CEO, Aquatech, and more.

Companies that are looking at their water footprint across the value chain have taken on watershed initiatives and collective action programmes and are driving efficiency, re-use, and recycling, but they can go much further and actually solve the “wicked problems” of water scarcity and quality.

“There’s a bigger opportunity and we need to frame it in terms of creating abundance, and finally addressing economic, environmental and social issues relating to water scarcity and water quality challenges. I’m going to push hard on the idea of a water strategy that is beyond water stewardship in terms of creating value for companies and the public sector.”

14.45: End User Innovation Needs Roundtables

Moderators: Will Sarni, Founder, The Water Foundry, Christina Copeland, Senior Manager, Water Security, CDP.

An interactive roundtable discussion where industrial and utility end-users will be invited to identify key innovation challenges in their businesses, opportunities, and required solutions.

The participating companies to date:

16.20: Afternoon Networking Coffee Break
16.50: Closing Keynote Address - Michael Flynn, Principal Investigator (PI) in Water Recycling Technology Development, NASA Ames Research Center

In this closing keynote, Michael Flynn from NASA Ames Research Center will share his insights on managing water in a closed loop environment.

17.15: BlueTech Innovation Awards Ceremony

Companies taking part in the Innovation Showcase will receive nominations and votes from the Technology Assessment Group (TAG) members to win one of two BlueTech Awards: Best Technology Innovation Award and Best Market Strategy.

17.30: Closing remarks
17.45: Closing Food & Cocktail Reception

After two days of intense networking and insightful discussions, this closing food&cocktail reception gives you a perfect chance to relax and connect with your peers in a casual setting.

Enjoy some delicious local artisan produce, BC wines, craft beers, and live music - a perfect wrap-up for the day.