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Thanks to all the speakers, sponsors and delegates for making BlueTech Forum 2017 our best yet!

BlueTech Forum 2017Water & the 4th Industrial Revolution

The theme for this years event is Water and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

BlueTech Forum is synonymous with water innovation and is known for always being one step ahead of the market. People come to broaden their horizons, expand their network and to do business.

Roundtable briefings, key notes and case studies

This year a series of roundtables briefings, key notes and case studies will illustrate how the future of the water sector is being shaped and changed by the broader mega-trend of the 4th Industrial Revolution and what our strategy should be to adapt and thrive in this environment.

The combination of high-level networking with industry thought-leaders and access to unique BlueTech Market Insights form the basis for the carefully crafted agenda

Different people, new technologies, real global advances

BlueTech Forum is much more than a talking shop where you’ll hear the same platitudes and meet the same people. Life is too short for ‘just- another-water-conference’: we want to facilitate real progress which comes into play in the real world quickly.

While being very business-focused, the event has an intimate and convivial feel to it which facilitates conversation and relationship-building.

2017 Speakers Include BlueTech Forum

John De Yonge

John De Yonge

Insights Director, EYQ, Ernst & Young

John leads the natural resources agenda for EYQ, drawing on his 17 years of experience in developing insights into market transformations in innovation capital, energy and clean technology...

Glen Daigger

Glen Daigger

Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member

Dr. Glen Daigger has more than 30 years of experience in wastewater treatment plant evaluation, troubleshooting, and process design....

Ralph Exton

Ralph Exton

Chief Marketing Officer, GE Water

As the chief marketing officer for GE Power, Water & Process Technologies, Ralph Exton is responsible for providing strategic leadership and program direction for the business’s marketing activities and sustainability efforts....

Emilio Tenuta

Emilio Tenuta

Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab

Emilio Tenuta’s 30-year tenure at Ecolab includes 25 years of technical and marketing management experience in various industries including food and beverage, pharmaceutical, lodging, healthcare, primary metals and automotive....

Venkee Sharma

Venkee Sharma

President & CEO, Aquatech

Venkee Sharma has been at the helm of Aquatech for more than 20 years. In this time, the company has transformed from a small, regional manufacturer of industrial water treatment equipment to a recognized and respected major player in global water industry...

Hans-Ulrich Buchholz

Hans-Ulrich Buchholz

Environmental Compliance, Corporate QEHS Group at L’Oréal

Hans-Ulrich Buchholz is working at L’Oréal corporate QEHS (Quality, Environment, Health and Safety) department as water and waste water expert. His responsibility is water and waste water management of L’Oréal’s Operations worldwide in order to evaluate and to reduce the impact of the industrial activities, especially on local water resources....


Recent Interviews WaterWorld Magazine

A collection of recent interviews by Angela Godwin courtesy of WaterWorld Magazine.


Ralph Exton
GE Water

BlueTech Forum 2016


Paul O’Callaghan
BlueTech Research


Sponsors BlueTech Forum 2017

Agenda BlueTech Forum 2017

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Day 1 - Tuesday, 6th June 2017

Optional: Walking tour of historic Dublin

Settle in by taking a scenic walk through Ireland’s capital city. The tour offers a relaxed networking opportunity for all delegates.

Welcome Reception Drinks

BlueTech Forum welcomes delegates with a networking drinks reception followed by dinner in the beautiful Christchurch Cathedral in the heart of Dublin city.

Pre-Conference Networking Dinner

A networking dinner will take place in the Historic- Christchurch Cathedral in Dublin. The Cathedral (found- ed c.1028) is the spiritual heart of Dublin City, and one of Ireland’s top visitor attractions. Traditional Irish music will create a convivial atmosphere followed by candlelit dinner in the crypt.

Day 2 - Wednesday, 7th June 2017

Networking Breakfast Meetings

Connecting people is a value-add that BlueTech Forum can deliver through our extensive network of water industry contacts. Our team will also be available throughout the day to help facilitate introductions and meetings.

Welcome Address: Water & the 4th Industrial Revolution

Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research will provide an opening address on the conference theme of Water and the 4th Industrial Revolution. This will help to set the scene, map out the day and provide an overview of the key themes of the conference.

KeyNote Address: The impact of megatrends on water
BlueTech and Ernst & Young are collaborating on a white paper that will take the eight megatrends Ernst & Young identified as shaping the 2016 and beyond. The keynote address will identify how these megatrends map to water
Water Technology Market Opportunities

Moderators will provide five-minute introductory primers on the topic after which there will be a facilitated discussion. These bite-size interactive briefings will provide intelligence in an easy-to-digest format, setting the stage for informed discussions throughout the day and allowing you to interact with fellow delegates.

Roundtable Topics will include:

1. Nano-Filtration tech trends and market opportunities

Chaired by Graeme Pearce, TAG Expert

2. Micropollutants removal and AOP

Chaired by Steve Gluck, TAG Expert. Conversation Starters include David Parocki, Arvia Technology Ltd.

3. Managing brine and challenges and opportunities in the ZLD continuum

Chaired by Michael Mickley, TAG Expert. Conversation starters will include Venkee Sharma, CEO, Aquatech and Brian Powers, Director, External Options Development, Dow Energy & Water Solution

4. Ultrapure and high purity water markets

Chaired by Slava Libman, Director of Advanced Water Analysis, Air Liquide. Conversation starters will include Frederik Dejaeghere, Business Development Manager, Pollet Water Group

5. The impact of regulations driving the ballast water treatment market

Chaired by Judith Hershell, TAG Expert

6. Key drivers for innovation & market growth

Chaired by Paul O’Callaghan, CEO, BlueTech Research. Conversation starters will include Cees Buisman, Scientific Director of Wetsus and Professor of Sustainable Technology at Wageningen University and Jon Grant, Research Manager, Water Technology Acceleration Project (WaterTAP)

7. Trends and opportunities in biosolids management

Chaired by William Toffey, TAG Expert.Conversation starters will include Steve Kaye, Head of Innovation, Anglian Water and Art Umble, Americas Wastewater Practice Leader, MWH

8. International trends in municipal and industrial water reuse

Chaired by Wade Miller, TAG Expert. Conversation starters will include Jeff Mosher, Chief Research Officer, Water Environment & Reuse Foundation and Joseph Jacangelo, MWH

9. Future trends in Biological WWT and market impacts

Chaired by Glen Daigger, TAG Expert.Conversation starters will include Song Wang, Global Strategic Marketing Manager, Honeywell UOP and Luka Erceg, President and CEO, Drylet

10. Sensors and Big Data in Buried Infrastructure Asset Management

Chaired by Corina Carpentier, TAG Expert

11. Beneficial Use of Produced Water – Challenges and Opportunities.

Chaired by John Veil, TAG Expert

12. Corporate sustainability and the circular economy

Chaired by Laura Shenkar, Principal, Artemis Water Strategy. Conversation starters will include Menno Holterman, CEO, Nijhuis Industries and Orlaith Delargy, Global Program Manager, Water Program, CDP

13. The Internet of Water - digital water

Chaired by Ralph Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, GE Water. Conversation starters will include Jim Hanna, Director of Datacenter Sustainability, Microsoft and Robin Gilthorpe, CEO, Watersmart Software Inc.

Networking Coffee Break
Innovation Showcase Technology Company Pitches
The 12 Innovation Showcase companies will deliver a 1 minute pitch to help you decide which technology companies to focus on connecting with during the Innovation Showcase Roundtables.
Innovation Showcase Company Interactive Case Study Presentations

Case studies will introduce delegates to the technology concept, its value proposition, the problem it solved, the influencers on the choice of technology, the experience during implementation and what this means for future rollout.

Confirmed show case companies include:

Aquaporin - Danish membrane company developing a biomimetic membrane using Aquaporin to reduce energy and enhance performance

Biogill - Low energy wastewater treatment

Luminultra - Used advanced biotechnology to detect the presence of bacteria in water in real-time

Oxymem - A leading innovator in the area of low energy treatment providing membrane aerated biofilm reactor (MABR) technology

Real Tech Inc. - A Canadian company linked to the thematic area of IoT and on-line analysis provides an innovative line of water quality sensors

- EnviSphere membrane bioreactor - membrane filtration technology

Sofi Filtration - A self-cleaning microfilter operating between 0.2 to 20 microns without need for chemicals or frequent filter changes

NVP Energy - An innovative wastewater (WW) treatment process that addresses the mandatory treatment of low strength, low temperature WW at a fraction of the cost of other WW treatment technologies

Hitachi - IoT Based Water Management Technology

Nijhuis Industries - Nijhuis AECO-FAT - fat recovery from industrial wastewater as biofuel

Inflowmatix - InflowSense - monitoring and analytical technology enables water companies to transform data into operational intelligence by continuously measuring and analysing the dynamic hydraulic performance and health of water supply networks.

Networking Lunch
Fireside Chat Interview

This fireside chat with Aquatech CEO Venkee Sharma will explore the the Aquatech story from a US based start-up and family founded business, to a global leader and pioneer in areas such as ZLD and advanced treatment of industrial process and wastewater.

Venkee will share lessons learned along the way, how serendipity and external events played a role in the evolution of the company, how they saw opportunities helped pioneer areas such as ZLD, the challenges and growing pains in scaling a global business, how the philosophy of continual innovation is a part of the company culture and what the future holds with the new partnership with Ecolab.

Keynote Address: Jim Hanna, Director of Datacenter Sustainability for Microsoft and Emilio Tenuta, VP, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab
Jim Hanna, Director of Datacenter Sustainability for Microsoft will deliver a joint keynote with Emilio Tenuta, VP, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab. The keynote will outline Ecolab’s collaboration with Microsoft using cloud computing to address industrial water use. Corporate water users are looking to fuel their strategy with real time data and insights around water risk management. Today that doesn’t exist, and so this partnership between the global leaders in smart water management and cloud-based solutions brings that to life.
End User Innovation Needs Session

BlueTech together with CDP will lead a session focused around the A-List Companies. This session will be in an interactive roundtable format meeting where industrial and utility end users will be invited to identify key innovation challenges in their businesses, the challenges they have and solutions required.

Corporate companies will outline the industrial needs and challenges they face. This session will also detail their experience of working with technology companies and provide example case studies.

Participating companies include Irish Water, Microsoft, Nestle, L'Oreal, Anglian Water, ABP Food Group, US EPA, Metsä Board, and PepsiCo. More will be announced shortly.

Afternoon Networking Coffee Break
Keynote Address: Philip Moynagh, Intel Corporation (Ex Vice President, Internet of Things Group)

Philip Moynagh will provide a perspective on what IoT means to leading companies such as Intel, where the roots of IoT came from, what has changed now that is making this a world wide phenomenon that is changing and disrupting markets.

IoT, a fusing of technology, connectivity and software, is not new in itself, and can be traced back to the first Apollo unmanned Space Missions. What has changed is the cost and availability of connectivity, sensors and processing power. This is enabling IoT to permeate aspects of human life that were unimaginable in the past. This talk will explore both the history of IoT, the enabling factors that have led to the current tidal wave of activity and what the future impacts may be and how these will permeate and impact the world of water.

Keynote Address: Menno Holterman, CEO, Nijhuis Industries

A World Tour Overview of Key Industrial Market Trends

Menno M. Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis, will share insights with us by taking us on a global Tour de Force, starting in South America and moving eastwards to Africa, Europe, Russia and China showing real-life examples that illustrate innovations to address the food-water nexus, circular economy, water scarcity and the need for new business models to help create and deliver projects.

Some of the highlights will include:

- Argentina - examples of fusing urban waste, with energy production and ultimately food production.

- Ghana - in Africa where innovative finance models are being used to unlock latent market opportunities and pent up client demands.

- China - how Intensive Agriculture in Arid regions is necessitating the drive water re-use in greenhouse food production.

- Russia - how water re-use is being built into new facilities such as Ikea facility as part of a vision to make this part of the customer experience.

BlueTech Innovation Awards Ceremony

Companies taking part in the Innovation Showcase will receive nominations and votes from the Technology Assessment Group (TAG)  to win one of two BlueTech Awards: The BlueTech Disrupt-o-Meter Award and the BlueTech BlueTuffle Award.

Closing Networking Drinks Reception & Taste of Ireland Experience

BlueTech Research invites all delegates to join us for a last hoorah, offering a final chance to network before you head your separate ways.

This culinary highlight will introduce the Taste of Ireland, featuring local artisan produce including cheese, succulent meats, seafood, and craft beers.

Relax with some music, drinks, and food, on the rooftop of the Marker Hotel, overlooking Dublin’s impressive landscape in the heart of the new financial district, - this event is not to be missed.

Everything You Need To Know BlueTech Forum 2017

BlueTech Forum focuses on strategic investment opportunities in industrial water and wastewater including mining, oil & gas and food & beverage. This high level event explores technology trends in water reuse, decentralized treatment, energy and resource recovery, smart water, water-as-a-service and innovative business models.

Attendees learn about the emerging technologies necessary to future-proof your technology portfolio, will understand how macro drivers link with themes to create technology market opportunities and identify the best thematic areas for strategic investment and acquisition

Attendees can also participate in intelligence briefings led by market sector experts, network with industry peers, help identify solutions and concierge facilitated networking.



1-to-1 Meetings




Networking Dinner




Roundtable Briefings


Innovation Showcase



The Marker Hotel, Dublin

Extraordinary, surprising and luxurious, The Marker Hotel is the perfect urban retreat for those who crave the unconventional, yet still expect the exceptional standards of service that are the signature of a member of The Leading Hotels of the World®.

Rising up from the rich urban heartland of the Dublin Docklands, the hotel slots into one of the most vibrant cultural hubs of Dublin City.

Highlights BlueTech Forum 2016

Photographic Highlights

Spot familiar faces and capture the spirit of the BlueTech Forum 2016 event with this photographic montage.


Video Interviews

View interviews with Angela Goodwin from Waterworld Magazine featuring the key themes of BlueTech Forum 2016.

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Water & The 4th Industrial Revolution

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