BlueTech Forum 2018 Highlights and Interviews

A collection of recent interviews and highlights from BlueTech Forum 2018. All videos are presented by Angela Godwin, courtesy of WaterWorld Magazine.

Managing Water Risk in the Circular Economy

BlueTech CEO Paul O’Callaghan explains the relevance of this year’s conference theme and highlights some of the keynotes presenting at the event. Also discussed: an upcoming documentary film project ‘Brave Blue World.’

Walmart’s Approach to Water Compliance and Stewardship

Toni McCrory is EHS compliance manager for Walmart. She discusses her approach to managing water, wastewater and stormwater compliance for more than 5,000 stores nationwide. Also discussed: What does water stewardship mean to Walmart?

Paradigm shift: From value chain to value cycle

SUEZ’s Emrah Ercan explains the need to change our approach to water management from a linear cycle to a circular one, and how a digital transformation will enable that change to occur.

Aligning corporate sustainability goals with tangible results

Ecolab’s Emilio Tenuta shares insights from a recent survey on corporate sustainability that revealed a disconnect between goals and results, and what can be done to remedy that. Also discussed: the concept of being “in the blue.”

Addressing water, wastewater challenges for industrial end users

Aquatech CEO Venkee Sharma discusses some of the major water and wastewater challenges facing industrial end users and how the concept of the circular economy comes into play. Also discussed: the importance of holistic solutions.

Building a water investment portfolio

David Henderson of XPV Water Partners discusses what his company looks for when building its investment portfolio and shares his thoughts on the future of IoT in water. Also discussed: business model versus technology — which is more important?

Decentralization: When does it make sense?

Newterra’s Robert Kennedy puts the concept of decentralization into context, highlighting its historical journey and offering insight into when going ‘off grid’ makes sense. Also discussed: technologies and systems to support decentralization.

Networking and engagement opportunities at the BlueTech Forum

BlueTech’s Divya Inna, chair of this year’s BlueTech Forum, discusses the one-to-one networking opportunities available at the event and why they make the Forum such a unique conference.

Chemistries and chemical use in the circular economy

Melinda Burn of Solenis discusses how the concept of the circular economy can be applied to chemistries to optimize chemical usage across an entire operation as opposed to the traditional siloed approach. Also discussed: open innovation.

Decentralization in the water, wastewater sector

Menno Holterman, CEO of Nijhuis Industries, discusses the concept of decentralization and its role as a treatment/supply strategy in the water sector. Also discussed: Is corporate social responsibility just ‘window dressing’?