#BlueTechForum2019 – Innovating Towards Resilient Water Systems | 5th & 6th June 2019 | Kew Gardens, London, UK

Acuva Technologies Inc., based in Vancouver, Canada, designs and manufactures advanced UV-LED drinking water disinfection systems. Acuva’s globally patented technology delivers microbial disinfection rates of 99.9% or greater in compact, energy efficient, chemical-free, ultra-low maintenance modules designed for easy integration into a variety of OEM appliances. Acuva also offers solar-compatible point of use (PoU) drinking water systems for home, mobile and off-grid applications.

Technology Overview
Acuva’s innovative design combines the proven disinfection performance of ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) with the efficiency of UV light emitting diodes (LEDs). With an Intellectual Property portfolio including 13 utility, PCT, design and provisional patents, Acuva’s patented design allows for precise control of optics, hydrodynamics and kinetics within the UV chamber to deliver an intense beam of UV directly into flowing water.

Acuva released its Strike Platform of customizable UV-LED water disinfection modules in 2018. The optical design for Acuva’s technology is carefully considered to the water flow rate and length of the UV chamber, ensuring consistently powerful UV treatment. This technology works independent of reflective surface properties that degrade over time. LED agnostic design also enables flexibility for OEMs with unique disinfection requirements.

These compact, low-power, chemical-free water purification systems represent the core of Acuva’s technology, providing OEMs with a more sustainable solution to replace current UV-lamp systems to align with the United Nations Minamata Convention on Mercury, whose mandate is to phase out products with mercury content by 2020.

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