Mr. Oyler is the Founder and President of Genifuel Corporation. Formed in 2006, Genifuel develops and manufactures hydrothermal processing systems to produce biofuels from wet organic materials, especially wastewater sludges. Hydrothermal systems cleanly dispose of difficult wastes, produce renewable fuels, capture phosphorus and other nutrients for conversion to fertilizer, and produce clear, sterile water. Fuel outputs may be biocrude oil, natural gas, or both.

Mr. Oyler holds more than twenty patents issued or pending, as well as exclusive licenses to other patents for hydrothermal processing. Earlier, he held senior positions in energy consulting and corporate management leading to twelve years as CEO of a publicly-traded company.

Genifuel has recently commissioned a pilot-scale hydrothermal processing facility, and is working with wastewater utilities throughout the world for cleanly disposing of wastewater solids. Several systems are currently in the engineering and design phase for wastewater utilities in North America.