2018 Innovation ShowcaseBlueTech Forum

Aqua Membranes Aqua Membranes seeks to make reverse osmosis technology more accessible through an innovation that eliminates the mesh feed spacer in... Read More
Aquafortus Aquafortus has invented a novel osmotic solution that can be switched between two forms, a salty liquid and an oil... Read More
Aquam Aquam provides technologies for packaged wastewater treatment plants that can eliminate sludge, recover energy as direct electricity (no methane), and... Read More
Cerahelix The Cerahelix PicoHelix filter is made out of renewable ceramic material and is used to make products from biomass, to... Read More
Genifuel Genifuel'sHydrothermal Processing Systems produce biocrude oil and renewable natural gas (methane). The systems can operate in the mode of Hydrothermal... Read More
Island Water Technologies Island Water Technologies (IWT) is a wastewater technology company specializing in modular, solar powered treatment solutions. Island Water Technologies provides... Read More
Microbe Detectives Microbe Detectives provides comprehensive microbial evaluations for water quality and disease management. We apply advanced DNA sequencing to identify and... Read More