John Tillotson is the CEO and Co-Owner of Microbe Detectives. His passion for innovation, clean water and environmental sustainability has influenced every phase of his career. As a coach for The Water Council’s BREW Accelerator for start-ups, Tillotson has coached more than 20 water-tech startups throughout his tenure at the Global Water Center (GWC). Tillotson’s past includes roles as the CMO of Phigenics, an innovator in preventing waterborne diseases from building water systems; VP of sales and marketing for nPhase, an Internet-of-Things cloud platform; product and marketing manager at Nalco, one of the world’s largest water treatment chemical companies and a toxic use reduction consultant for the Massachusetts Toxics Use Reduction Institute and the United Nations Institute of Training and Research. He holds an MS in Civil Engineering from Tufts University and a BS in Geology and Chemistry.