2018 Speakers BlueTech Forum

Barry Liner, Chief Technical Officer and Director of Water Science & Engineering Center, Water Environment Federation (WEF) Read More
Christina Copeland, Senior Manager, Water Security, CDP Read More
Divya Inna, Water Technology Market Analyst Read More
Dr Orianna Bretschger, Founder, Aquam Technologies LLC Read More
Dr. Graeme K. Pearce, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Dr. Michael Mickley, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Emilio Tenuta, Vice President, Corporate Sustainability, Ecolab Read More
Glen T. Daigger, PhD, PE, DEE, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Hans-Ulrich Buchholz, Environmental Compliance, Corporate QEHS Group at L’Oréal Read More
James Oyler, Founder and President, Genifuel Corporation Read More
James W. Hotchkies, TAG Expert, BlueTech Research Read More
Jens Kolind, Vice President, Technical Industries, Novozymes A/S Read More
Jim Hanna, Director of Datacenter Sustainability, Microsoft Read More
John Veil, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Matt Servatius, Managing Director, Head Of CleanTech Banking, Wells Fargo & Company Read More
Menno M. Holterman, CEO, Nijhuis Industries Read More
Michael Flynn, NASA Ames Research Center Read More
Noelene Ahern, Sr. Manager, Water and Environment, Strategic Technology Solutions, Barrick Gold Corp. Read More
Patrick Kiely, Founder, Island Water Technologies Read More
Paul Kadota, MASc, MPA, PEng, Program Manager, Utility Research and Innovation, Metro Vancouver Read More
Paul O’Callaghan, CEO and Founder, O2 Environmental and BlueTech Research Read More
Ralph Erik Exton, Chief Marketing Officer, SUEZ – Water Technologies & Solutions Read More
Romie Basra, is Director, Team Lead, at the Wells Fargo CleanTech Group Read More
Sally C. Gutierrez, water regulatory and policy specialist from Cincinnati Read More
Sandy Fabritz, Director, Water Resources, Freeport McMoRan Read More
Steve Gluck, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Tom Ferguson, Vice President of Programming, Imagine H2O Read More
Toni McCrory, U.S. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) Compliance, Walmart Read More
Wade Miller, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More
Will Sarni, Founder and CEO, Water Foundry, LLC Read More
William E. Toffey, Technology Assessment Group (TAG) Member Read More