BlueTech Conferences 2014

BlueTech Forum Team "Hits the Road" in 2014!

In 2014, several international events will feature specific elements of the BlueTech Forum:

BlueTech Workshop: Exploring the Oil and Gas Innovation Landscape, IWA LET Conference (Abu Dhabi), May 26

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TechXchange Workshop, SIWW (Singapore), June 1

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Innovation Showcase, WEFTEC (New Orleans, LA), Sept 27-28

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“Based on our recent success with BlueTech Forum in Amsterdam, the WEFTEC Innovation Pavilion, and our strong interest in Singapore, it was a logical extension for us to build on the BlueTech Forum’s success and collaborate with other leading international organizations to participate in IWA LET, SIWW, and WEFTEC," said BlueTech Research CEO, Paul O'Callaghan.

At each conference, BlueTech Research will have a strong contingent with staff from Canada, North America, and its European offices attending, presenting and staffing each BlueTech Research workshop and exhibition.

The BlueTech Workshop: Exploring the Oil and Gas Innovation Landscape at the IWA LET Conference on May 26th will provide an overview of the innovative landscape within the Oil and Gas sector, including market trends and developments, investment patterns, key areas of innovation.

Sessions include a panel presentation featuring CTOs who will present on “How to Pilot Technologies in ‘Big Oil,’” and the BlueTech Oil and Gas Technology Showcase presenting innovative technologies that address the growing needs for efficient water management in the Oil and Gas industry.

The TechXchange Workshop at SIWW is a one-day forum hosted on June 1st in partnership with ReThink Events, Singapore PUB, and the Environment & Water Industry (EWI). The TechXchange Workshop connects innovators with international partners and investors, accelerating the commercialization of new and innovative water technologies. It will feature high level debates and panels, technology presentations and exhibition, roundtable discussions, international keynotes and extensive networking opportunities.

Additionally, the inaugural Innovation Pavilion from June 2nd-5th will showcase innovative and disruptive water technologies from a carefully selected group of international companies. More information can be found on the TechXchange official site.

Companies presenting in both conferences will compete for the BlueTech Awards: the Disrupt-o-meter Award is presented to companies with the most innovative, disruptive technology, and the BlueTruffle Award is presented to companies with the strongest go-to-market strategy. The four winners will be invited to participate in the WEFTEC 2014 Innovation Pavilion in New Orleans, LA on Sept 29-Oct 1. Here companies will have the opportunity to their showcase cutting-edge technologies, applications, and solutions at one of the largest water industry conferences.

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